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Innovative Cosmetics, Revolutionary Beauty

About CosMyFy

CosMyFy is an innovative project that offers one of the most creative business models in the beauty industry. We revolutionized the sector by giving influencers the possibility to create their own cosmetics lines.

This project was founded and designed in Italy and now will break the barrier of the beauty world also in the US!💜

Our icons, the most valuable and creative influencers of the web, design their own make-up products. The icons know and understand the needs of their web communities and they translated them into cutting-edge products, always anticipating the trends of the moment. 

The CosMyFy team supports them, making their dreams come true ✨

The CosMyFy family takes advantage of the experience of one of the market leaders for the development of its products, choosing to favor natural ingredients that result in premium quality products.

While on the other hand, our ICONS offer you an exclusive beauty experience with their make-up and skincare collections which encourages every beauty lover to bring out their own uniqueness, creativity and identity, and have fun at the same time.

The ultimate goal is always to guarantee maximum performance with the least impact on the environment, while enhancing the wellbeing of your skin.